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Tastefully Boudoir

a unique photography experience


What are Tastefully Boudoir photo events?

The Tastefully Boudoir Events Series are pop up boudoir photography sessions that we organise only a couple of times a year at different/varying/exclusive locations in Singapore. 


At our Tastefully Boudoir events we want to make sure that you walk away with a great experience. 

An experience that every woman should have once in her lifetime. 

Your strength and confidence brought forward in tasteful boudoir photographs. 

Your sensuality unearthed in the comfort of a warm, relaxed atmosphere. 

Your legacy created with bespoke quality products from Italy. 

Believe it or not, it's a whole lot of fun stepping out of your comfort zone but it's hard to take that first step. We're not asking you to jump right in, just put that toe in the water and let us do the rest.


What's included

Our team takes care of the following for you:

  • Professional hair & makeup + styling (90')
  • One hour photo shoot 
  • Up to 3 wardrobe changes with an option to borrow accessories (hats, scarves, jewellery) from our own boudoir studio wardrobe (we do not provide actual lingerie as that is highly personal). 
  • Delicious snacks and beverages
  • Exquisite handmade leather products from Italy (like Gucci bags, but for your beautiful photographs, how awesome is that!)
  • and we'll add some nice surprises into our goody bag! 


Some gorgeous products! 

Some gorgeous products! 

I want to experience a Tastefully Boudoir photo event. Tell me more! 

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Who we are



Victoria Sparks - event creator




Victoria hails from Russia and has worked in many areas, such as event planning and organisation, image consulting and personal styling.




Daniela Rivas Cuevas - makeup artist 

Her soul shines as bright and warm as the sun of Mexico, where she comes from. Her signature look is a natural makeup look but she also loves creating more sophisticated looks. 



Natalie Ziegler-22.jpg

Natalie Ziegler - portrait photographer

As the founder of White Frangipani Portraits she specialises in photographing everyday women who don't like having their photos taken only to show them how beautiful they are.