What clients are saying

"I heard of Natalie and her portrait photography business through BWN (Business Women Network) sometime ago. I was impressed by her professionalism during the entire photo session. She created a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere that resulted in magical images within only a few square meters of space. Working with her was very easy. Natalie gave me direction all the time and guided me into easy poses. Thanks to her, I have learned how to pose for portraiture photographs. Thank you Natalie very much for this great experience and for creating such wonder images at your studio. I would recommend White Frangipani Portraits for beauty, family and business portraits." Michelle Ma, artist  @michellemaart.com

"These girls are amazing! I got my profiling done by them....highly recommend! - Enkhtur Enkthur, owner @ Dream Cake Studio

"Without even seeing the finished product I can tell you that you are a natural photographer.  You put us all at ease and created such a joyous atmosphere.  Well done!!!!" - Pat

"I really appreciate you taking such gorgeous photos of me and the girls! They truly are beautiful, I've gotten so many compliments already!" - Nicole, mom at Stamford American International School Singapore

Before the shoot "Don't even think I am going to pose for the camera, I am not that kind of person!" - after the shoot "Wow, that was fun, when can we do it again?" - Tere, a friend

Hi there,

I'm Natalie.  I'm a portrait photographer. 

The feeling of being the person who struggles with finding their own capability, confidence and beauty...it's not unknown to me and more common than you think; chances are, you feel the same. That's why my purpose is to photograph everyday people and to show them their uniqueness. Your photo shoot experience should give you the space to express yourself so you can finally reconnect with the person you see in your photographs. What if I unearthed your soul taking the most beautiful portraits you have ever seen of yourself? 

I'm a photographer currently residing in Malaysia, long time expat, native German and Spanish speaker, third culture kid, wife, mother of a very big human boy and a very furry dog girl,  a travel aficionada and wannabe interior designer. I want my clients to have beautiful art of themselves and their families that I can stand behind. I am also  a sentimentalist. When all is gone and nothing is left, memories shine bright. I believe in the power of photography to hold on to nostalgia and when I present to my clients their albums and wall art and witness their tears of joy ~ reactions that are based in love... this is a feeling no other "job" has given me and I know this is where I want to stay.