Modern, contemporary, glamorous Branding Photo Shoot for dynamic women who live by their own rules. 


In order to help me create a new look book/folio for this genre (Branding) I'd like to invite you to be photographed by me and to take advantage of an exclusive offer. The style I am going for is a bit more dramatic, contrasty/punchy for both on location and studio photo shoots. My vision is to showcase women in a more sophisticated way; Think Vanity Fair/Vogue/Harpers Bazaar. 


How this exclusive folio invite works:

  • Fill out the form.

  • It all starts with a personal one on one style consultation so I can get to know the real you and we talk about outfits, makeup and how you would love to be photographed.

  • When you come back on the day of your photo shoot, you will enjoy some pampering by having your hair and makeup done by my professional makeup artist.

  • I will pose you and direct you through your entire photo shoot so there is no need for you to know how to stand or how to look. I am here to make it easy for you. It’s not your job to be photogenic. It’s my job to put you in beautiful light, pose you for your body shape and take amazing photographs of you.

  • You will receive a beautiful 5×7 inch matted print as a thank you for trusting me to show you how gorgeous you and your brand are.

  • You will receive the matching digital file of that print for you to use as your profile pic on social media so you can finally have a photo that you love and are proud to show off (valued at RM 300 a la carte).

  • You will get to feel empowered and you will get to see the real you or a different side of you that maybe you haven’t seen in a very long time or didn’t know existed.




  • My fee is SGD 83 (RM 250) which covers the cost for doing your professional makeup.

  • I do require you to allow me to show your before and after photographs and to share a little of your story/your brand and your experience to help other women entrepreneurs.

  • There will be a selection of your gorgeous photographs to purchase at your reveal appointment but there is no obligation at all to purchase anything. If you don’t love your photographs then you don’t have to buy them.

  • If you decide to purchase additional images, packages will be available to you at a 20% discount. We talk about packages and go through my pricing during the In person consultation.

I’m looking for real women entrepreneurs just like YOU!  

Be empowered! Be brave, be glamorous and be beautiful without compromising professionalism and credibility!


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I'm Natalie. I'm a photographer currently residing in Malaysia, long time expat, native German and Spanish speaker, third culture kid, wife, mother of a very big human boy and a very furry dog girl,  a travel aficionada and wannabe interior designer.